Our Vision

IC Church Vision Statement

Our Mission

RISE - Reaching Out, Inclusiveness, Solidarity, Evangelization


Reaching out to the vulnerable and needy parishioners, who are emotionally disturbed, depressed, addicted, lonely, mentally challenged, financially constrained and physically disabled. Providing basic necessities (food, educational aid, medical help) to the poor and marginalized of our Parish. Protecting and preserving the environment of the Planet Earth.


Encourage involvement through targeted programs and activities for different age groups (children, youth, adults, senior citizens), different categories of parishioners, including singles (widowed, divorced, unmarried) and differently abled persons (physically and mentally); that will bring about a transformation and help us become committed Christians and better human beings.


Strengthen our Small Christian Communities (SCCs) through Family/Sector based activities; that will help better bonding and strengthening of relationships among the families and Parish community. Identify talents within the communities and get more parishioners to actively participate in Cells and Associations of the Parish. Encourage self-development, leadership and empowerment of the community.


Reinforce the spirituality of our parishioners through interactive spiritual programs and activities, as well as educational programs based on human values and interfaith dialogues.