Information on Sacraments & Miscellaneous


Before the birth of the first child (or if the couple have never attended a Pre-Baptism Course), the couple have to undergo Pre-Baptism Catechesis for which they have to register in the Parish Office, preferably in the early months of pregnancy. The course is required for all couples. To get your child baptised, contact the parish Office for the registration form.


Those intending to get married should
(a) check into the availability of the Church for a Wedding Mass as early as possible;
(b) attend a Marriage Preparation Course organised by the diocese atleast 6 months before the marriage;
(c) meet any priest around 6 months before the wedding for the necessary papers to be done.
Marriages are not allowed to take place on Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday. Marriages during Lent specially on Sundays of Lent are strongly discouraged and to a lesser degree during the season of Advent.

Anointing of the sick

This Sacrament is administered to people who are seriously ill or undergoing some major/critical surgery. Priests are available at any time when there is urgent need for anointing of the sick. A member of the family/friend/neighbour should preferably come to the Church to inform the priest. Those are chronically/ordinarily ill can avail of the Sacrament of the Eucharist through the Eucharist Ministers TO the Sick who are commissioned to pray for the sick person.


When there is a death in the family and funeral arrangements have to be made, please contact the parish Office with a copy of the hospital/doctor's death certificate to make arrangements for the Mass and the grave. The burial permission from the BMC can be obtained directly or through the undertaker.


The Parish Graveyard has permanent and temporary graves for the burial of the dead as well as niches for the interment of the remains. Permanent graves are permitted to be opened only on the production of the Grave Certificate and only those whose names are in the Grave Certificate are permitted to be buried there. For exhumation from temporary graves and transfer of the remains to niches (after the prescribed period of 18months), the parish should be informed. Necessary BMC permission should be obtained directly or through the undertaker. If exhumation does not occur soon after the above mentioned period, and permission for extension has not been taken, the grave will be made available for other burials.